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Mission Statement:

The LES PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering all families and communities to advocate for children.

The LES PTA is a volunteer parent organization, inclusive of all Lakeside families, focused on collaborating, sharing ideas and opinions, and supportive of staff, students and families in our school community.

PTA Organizational Chart:

Lakeside Elementary PTA Positions 

Hospitality Division
Hospitality ChairCaitlin Feeley* – Coordinate all positions, fill in empty positions
and co-lead committees.  Sets up recognition events for teachers and staff as set on the
Henrico County Schools Special Days and Weeks Calendar.  Sets up back to school week
recognition for teachers (brunch and snack bar)
Spirit Night Committee LeadLakia Flippen* – time commitment 6-8 hours - sets up Spirit Nights
for the Entire school year, works with social media and graphic design and production committee leads
to make sure they are properly promoted on Social media and accurate flyers are sent home. Works with
hospitality chair to make find volunteers for PTA table at spirit nights. Ensures that flyers are posted on
entryways to school.
Teacher Work Days Committee Lead – OPEN – time commitment 4 to 6 hours per teacher work day.
Committee Lead Coordinates meals (pot luck and/or donations) for teacher work days (1 fall, 1 spring).  
Sets up Sign-Up genius for parents and works with social media committee lead to have posted online.
Coordinates drops off times for donations, works with Volunteer Chair to find volunteers to assist,
set-up meals for teachers, clean-up, make sure parents get items back.
Teacher Appreciation Week Committee Lead Vacant* - Time commitment 10-12 hours
in April/May - Together with Hospitality Chair Coordinates teacher appreciation week events including –

Snack Bar – Sets-up sign up genius to secure donations from families of snacks for
teachers for the week.  Sets up snacks in the lounge for teachers to eat during the week.

Lunch – Approaches local restaurants to have lunch donated one day for the teachers
(day TBD and set by school)

Spirit days – Come up with Spirit days for students for the week. Work with Social
Media and Graphics Design and Production Committee Leads to get promoted online and notes sent
home to families.  

Gifts - Committee Lead Works to coordinate Gift for teachers and staff with Quarterly
Appreciation Gift Committee Lead.

Quarterly Appreciation Gifts Committee Lead – OPEN – Quarterly Appreciation – time commitment –
4-6 hours each month listed August (teacher work week) - Works with chair to coordinate teacher
recognition gift for back to school for last week in August

October – Halloween Themed gift for teachers and staff

February – Valentines Themed - works with Sweetheart Brunch Committee Lead
to get valentines made by students in addition to small gift

May - Teacher Appreciation Week Gift – works with Teacher Week Appreciation
Committee Lead on gifts for teacher appreciation week.  

*position currently held by  
Membership Division
Membership + Volunteer Chair- Jen Kelley & Rebecca Gregg*- Acts as PTA ambassador to the school community
and membership. Creates and maintains excel database of membership and periodically uploads to
the VAPTA site in coordination with treasurer. Initiates communication with all new members and
volunteers. Facilitates all recruitment efforts and the associated communications.
Donor, Member + Volunteer Recognition CL- VACANT*- Proposes, plans and executes at least
3-4 events throughout the school year for the purpose of thanking and recognizing active school
community members. All events will be submitted for PTA Board and budget approval and will seek
to strengthen the community and encourage everyone to have fun and take pride in our hard work.
Communications Division
Communications Chair- Nikki Wade Sabiston- Time commitment 15-20 hours per month. Manages traffic of
all communications between the PTA, membership and school community. Coordinates and supports
all communications around PTA events and programs- providing clear action items to committee leaders.
Graphics Design + Production Committee Lead- Jarman Fagalde*- Creates collateral as needed to
support the PTA programs and events. Collateral may include: posters, signs, brochures, flyers, product
or shirt design, etc. Oversees promotional materials creation and ordering.
Website Committee Lead- Colleen Wilhelm- Time commitment 10 hours per month.
Updates website with important PTA news and information in a timely agreed upon manner. Works
closely with Social Media Chair and Communications Chair to keep all relevant information cross
posted and coordinated between print media, web, and social media.
Social Media Chair-Nikki Sabiston*- Responsible for content of the Lakeside Elementary PTA
and Family Group FB pages. Maintains the events calendar, creates and schedules posts, shares  
pertinent information and updates. Curates dialogue and moderates group activity.
Programs Division
Programs Chair-OPEN-Time commitment 15-20 hours per month. Oversees and supports all PTA
events. Responsible for recruiting and supporting Committee Leads for PTA sponsored events with
the help of the Membership + Volunteer Chair.
Harvest Happenings Committee Lead-Open*-Time commitment 15-20 hours during
the month of October. Creates and executes an inclusive event plan within a board approved budget
and to include set up, the event itinerary, and cleanup. Collaborates with Communications Division
to ensure the event is well promoted and recruit volunteers for specific tasks and time slots with the
help of the Membership Division. Attends and acts as a PTA ambassador at this well-attended and
traditional Lakeside event.
Holly Jolly Lakeside Committee Lead-Caitlin Feeley-Time Commitment 10-12 hours in late October/early
November. Organizes and oversees the solicitation of donations for a fundraising raffle and table at
the Lakeside Small Business Association sponsored event in early November. Utilizing our local
business relationships creates and promotes an appealing fundraiser and promotes ticket sales within
the school community and neighborhood with the help of Communications. Recruits volunteers to
staff a festive table at the event and coordinates a drawing and delivery of prizes to the winners.
Friendship Dinner Committee Lead-Open*- Plans and executes a
no-cost community focused and inclusive event centered around kindness and togetherness. Solicits
donations of brunch food and drink items and recruits volunteers to design and lead kindness related
crafts and activities for children and families. Engages male role models in the act of serving and
making food for the attendees. Engages teachers to act as hosts and kindness ambassadors.
International Night Committee Lead-OPEN-Time commitment 15-20 hours in early February + March.
Collaborates with school on this PTA co-sponsored event. With the help of ESL creates an inclusive
participation plan for the PTA to support this celebration of diversity within out school. Solicits grant
funds and/or donations to provide groceries and materials for school families to prepare traditional
recipes and presentations from their respective cultures. With the help of ESL sources cultural
presentations or rotations to run throughout the event. Expands and builds upon the passport model
created last year to create an engaging and educational event. Recruits ample volunteers and
community members to make this well-attended even turn smoothly.
End of Year Dance/Social Committee Lead-OPEN- Time Commitment 15-20 hours in
April+May. Plans and executes an inclusive event to celebrate the end of the school year and the
hard work of our students and teachers all year. Works with the PTA and school community to plan
a no or low-cost event with fundraising components so that it is accessible for everyone. Utilizes the
event plan to promote the school garden and continued engagement with nature and learning. Books
vendors and entertainment early to ensure success during this busy time of year. Recruits volunteers
to manage all aspects of set up, running the event, and clean up.
Education Division
Chair – OPEN – Coordinate all positions, fill in empty committee lead positions and co-lead committees.  
Garden Committee Lead Matthew Kreydatus* - time commitment 4-6 hours per month – Works
with volunteer coordinator to make sure the garden is up kept on weekends by volunteers. Works with
PTA faculty liaison and teachers to make sure classrooms are actively using the garden. Works with
Social Media Committee lead to make sure garden clean-up events are posted and the garden gets
social media exposure to build community buy-in. Works with Development chair to ensure grant
benchmarks are met.
Advocacy Committee LeadTara Richardson* - time commitment 12-15 hours per school year.  
Committee Lead attends Lay Advisory Committee meetings every other month as the Lakeside PTA
representative.  Committee lead also attends county wide events with the Super Intendent to advocate
for Lakeside. This Committee Lead looks for ways to advocate for Lakeside Elementary in any available
avenues in the community.  
Historian Committee Lead – Sydney Woodward – time commitment is 8-12 hours over the school year –
Committee Lead comes to all PTA and school events (if unable to attend finds someone who can) and
takes pictures to document the events for our yearbook.  PTA/School Events can include but are not limited to:
Harvest Happening – 2 hours one Saturday in October
Sweetheart Brunch – 2 hours one Saturday in February
Basketball Game – 2 hours one evening in March
International Night – 2 hours one evening in March
Science Festival – 2 hours one Friday evening in May
Spring Dance – 2 hours one Friday Evening in June
Works with Yearbook Committee lead to make sure photos are correctly formatted and ready for the year book.  
Yearbook Committee – Vanna Lam, Erin Nathan, Sydney Woodward - time commitment 10-12 hours
primarily in the Spring during yearbook order time.  Form a committee of teachers and parent volunteers
(3-5 people) to work on building a yearbook for our school.  Allow time for all names to be proofed by
classroom teachers and parents. Work with Social Media Committee lead to post reminders about ordering
yearbooks on Social Media.  Distribute or coordinate distribution of yearbooks once they are in.
PTA Winter Break Book Distribution Committee LeadJarman Fagalde and Jen Kelley*
time commitment 4-6 hours – Works with PTA board to have books ordered for Students to be
distributed the week before Winter Break.  Sorts the books and distributes to classroom. Works with
Social Media and Graphics Design and Production Committee Leads to make sure parents are notified
via social media to look out for the books and to create a book plate/sticker to place in each book.

*position currently held by  

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