Friday, September 14, 2018

Celebrating 70 Years!

Join us for a celebration and meet current and past students, staff, and administrators, see memorabilia from the last 70 years, photos, slide show, and a student performance.

We are looking for 2 people to speak at the celebration on Thursday November 1st at 5 pm. 

We are just looking for a brief (3 minute or less) story you would like to share about your time at Lakeside. If you are interested please apply by emailing

We are also seeking alumni to share old yearbooks, shirts, or other memorabilia to put on display. Please message if you are interested in sharing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kick off Year Reminders:

Sharing for the office...

➡️ID is required for student pick up (including the bus)

➡️Do not drop off students in the parking lot - walk them all the way to the door

➡️Please take the time to review first day paperwork 

➡️There is an “Oops” basket where you drop of items (lunch, notebook, etc.) your child forgot to bring to school.

➡️Please be patient the first week as everyone gets back into the school routine.

We hope everyone has a wonderful first week back and an amazing year!